Setting Manual

 Setting of idlepc

When you arrange a router and just start, a CPU sticks to 100%, and movement becomes very slow. Therefore setting of idlepc is necessary to lower a CPU rate of use. Setting comes to be easily possible in GNS3. (As for the case to be good as 100%, this setting is unnecessary)

  1. Only one router is arranged, and the router is started by right-clicking > "Start".
    The icon of 【 outline of the topology 】 is virescent when succeeding in the start.
    Start of router

  2. It right-clicks in the router, and "Idle PC" is selected.
    Selection of idlepc

  3. The value is selected and the OK button is pushed. The value is chosen referring to the following because there are two or more choices usually.
    • When there are two or more candidates, it gives priority to the one with * sign and it selects it.
    • *Either is selected when there are two or more signs.
    • *Either is selected when there is no sign.
    CPU utilization rapidly falls momentarily of the choice if it is good each other.
    When CPU utilization doesn't fall by the selected value, Idle PC is executed again and the same work is done.
    Selection of idlepc

  4. The value set here is reflected in the 【IDLE PC】 column in "IOS image and [haipa-baiza]" window.
    When Cisco3745 etc. are used, it is necessary to do a similar operation because it is necessary to do this operation at each IOS image.
    Reflection of idlepc
The setting of idlepc ends above.